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SPX Virtual Learning Guidelines

Virtual Learning Guidelines for St. Pius X School

Updated 8/25/2020

Attendance – Students must be present at the start of the first Google Meet.  They must attend all scheduled Meets throughout the day unless other arrangements are made.  Parents and guardians need to contact both the homeroom teacher and the school office in advance in the case of an illness, or a doctor’s appointment.  Students will be marked with an unexcused absence if these conditions are not met.

Changes  - Each learning platform requires different preparation.  Therefore, at least a 24-hour notice is required to change from face-to-face learning to virtual and vice-versa.  If a student is changing platforms for a specific period of time, please let the teacher know the dates of the change. Students, who are unexpectedly absent, may refer to the handbook for traditional absent-work procedures.

Devices – Each student must have a device, with a keyboard, and Wi-Fi access.  Because Google Meet schedules may conflict, it is recommended that siblings not share devices.  St. Pius X School does not have the capability to loan devices at this time.

Expectations for Behavior -

  • Sign on to the Google Meet at the stated time.  Late arrivals are a distraction to the class.
  • Mute the microphone unless you have a question.  Wait for the teacher to acknowledge you.  Do not talk without permission.
  • Make sure your area is free from distractions.  No pets, or siblings, on camera please.
  • Check that you have all of the proper books, materials, and classroom assignments before you sign on to the Google Meet for that class.
  • Use the chat function if you need to converse with other virtual learners on the Meet.
  • Do not behave in ways that you wouldn’t normally behave in class (i.e. dancing or singing).
  • Dress should be appropriate for school.

Extra-Curricular Activities – Virtual learning is being offered for those that are uncomfortable having family members attend in-person classes due to COVID-19.  Therefore, attendance in St. Pius X school-sponsored, extra-curricular activities is discouraged for virtual learners.  This includes clubs and athletics. 

GradingVirtual learning is designed to be as rigorous as face-to-face learning.  Late work is subject to the late work policy. (For most teachers, late work results in a minimum reduction of 50% off one day following the due date of an assignment.  The final score is at the discretion of the teacher.)  Late work assignments will only be extended in the case of an excused absence.  If a student fails more than two core classes in a semester, he or she may be withdrawn or held back since it is feasibly impossible to make up more than two semesters of a core subject through summer school. 

Schedules – Classroom instruction will take place during the scheduled Google Meets.  Meets will not be saved to Google Classroom unless mutually agreed upon by the teacher and the parent.

Tests – Teachers will coordinate with the parents regarding the administration of classroom tests.  Please keep in mind that teachers may require that tests be taken in-person after school to protect the integrity of the test.

Weekly Material Pick-up/Drop-Off – Teachers will have weekly work ready by 7:30 am on Monday mornings.  Please pick-up and drop-off work as close to that time period as possible so that students will be prepared for the day.  Parents and guardians may come through the Driveline between 7:30 – 8:30 am on Monday mornings.  If the student drop-off is taking place, a staff member will ask you to pull to the side as your materials are gathered.  After that time, parents and guardians will need to park in the main lot and call the school office at (918) 627-5367 to make arrangements for someone to meet you at the south door by the Motor Skills room. Source: Tulsa Health Department COVID-19